Canadian rapper Jon James dies in a tragic plane crash

The 34-year-old artist lost his life in British Columbia while filming a video while rapping while walking on the wing of a plane in mid-flight.

Although he had been training for several weeks to succeed in this filmed waterfall, the rapper has not escaped the danger involved in this aerial feat performed in the sky of Westworld, a small town northwest of Vernon.

According to the explanations provided by the film crew, Jon James went too far on the wing and caused an imbalance of the small Cessna used for the shoot, which was sucked by a downward spiral that the pilot did not. could not control. The rapper clung to the wing as long as possible, but had to let go, without having time to open his parachute.

The aircraft then landed safely and no other crew member was injured.

Accustomed to filming and stunts like this, the rapper was trying to convey a message of hope to his fans, inviting them to have the courage to “realize their dreams”.

Originally from Calgary, the one whose full name was Jon James McMurray first focused on downhill skiing. A professional athlete before being a rapper, he has always combined his interest in hip hop with his taste for extreme sports. The video clips staging stunts are numerous.

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“Jon has explored new artistic territories by combining his two passions,” said his team. He was an always motivated artist, always smiling, who wanted to transmit to all his great appetite for life. ”

Professional skier Rory Wayne Bushfield, a friend of McMurray since the preadolescence, emphasized the rapper’s talent. “Jon was an incredible skier with a world record for back-skis in freestyle skiing. Before excelling as a rapper, he played in a rock band. He has beautifully transposed his love of waterfalls into the heart of his music.

On Saturday, October 20, Jon James McMurray was filming the video for his next clip in the province of British Columbia. He had to rapper standing on the wing of an airplane, while a 2nd had to capture the images of this performance. But approaching too close to the edge of the wing, the rapper has rocked the small plane into an inevitable fall . Then his staff says: ” Jon held the wing until it was too late and by the time he let go, he did not have time to pull his slide. He was hit and died instantly. “