It would be over between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande would have ended her relationship with Pete Davidson, according to TMZ.

The singer and comedian had begun dating in May, shortly after the end of the relationship that had been maintained Ariana Grande with rapper Mac Miller for two years.

The lovebirds became engaged just a few weeks after the formalization of their relationship and had lived together in New York.

The publicists of the two celebrities had not yet confirmed the news Sunday night, but this announcement comes just hours after Ariana Grande had decided to cancel a planned concert gala F ** K Cancer in Los Angeles on Saturday.


Ariana Grande had also canceled a performance with Davidson at the Emmy Awards after the death of her ex, her relationshipist saying she needed “time to heal and take care of her”.

She has also made an appearance for the recent premiere of the season in Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live, and has been open to her last weeks with her admirers.

“Can I just have a correct day? Just one. Please. I’m so tired, please, “she tweeted before republishing her message,” It’s all going to be fine, “and then adding,” No, I’m laughing. ”

Obviously, his fans, very active on social networks, did not wait to send him hundreds of thousands of messages of support. “You are angels in my life, it’s just been a difficult month. I try to get back to work and go back to a normal life, but it’s hard and I’m human and tired, sorry to have told you all that and worried you. I should not have “tweeted”, I know it should not be done, “she replied to a user who was worried.

Still according to TMZ, even though their relationship seems to be over for the moment, both do not rule out the possibility of seeing each other again in the future.

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The pop star and Pete Davidson began their affair last May, shortly after Grande ended her relationship with rapper Mac Millier, who died on Sept. 7. The lovebirds had surprised their fans by announcing just a few weeks after the beginning of their relationship that they were engaged.

The couple had settled in New York, but sources tell TMZ that things are not going well between the two, so Grande and Davidson have decided to split up over the weekend.

The representatives of the two personalities did not comment on the news that comes just hours after the singer canceled her presence at a benefit concert in Los Angeles on Saturday. According to E! News, the agent of Great, Scooter Braun, had to apologize to the crowd after announcing that the star would not be present.

This show would have been Ariana Grande’s first since the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died of an overdose when he was only 26 years old. She had previously evaded her presence at Emmy’s, where she had to make an appearance with Pete Davidson. Her agent then said that she needed to “take well-deserved time to heal and repair herself”.

Grande did not hide her moods on her social networks, responding as late as last week to a journalist who described her as lazy “she had gone through hell” and “did her best.” to continue”.

“I try to do my work and get back to normal, but it’s hard and I’m human and exhausted,” she also wrote, adding later “can I only have a day okay, just one, please. “