Lauren McCluskey Was On Phone Call With Her Mother When She Was Attacked And Killed

Lauren McCluskey, 21, was on a phone call from her mother when she was attacked and killed late night from Monday. The suspect is Melvin Rowland, an ex-boyfriend she would have only dated a month ago. McCluskey would have ended the relationship after the discovery of Rowland had lied to her. Melvin Rowland was found dead, an apparently self-inflicted bullet wounds.

A senior from Pullman, Washington, Lauren McCluskey has been talking to her mother on the night of Monday to Tuesday, returning after a classy evening at the University of Utah. During the conversation, her mother suddenly heard her daughter exclaim, “No, no, no,” according to Fox News. When there is no answer after that, Lauren, his father called 911 while his wife kept the line open between her and their daughter.

Lauren’s body was found shortly after the shots were heard on campus and police, and then began their pursuit of the suspect, Melvin Rowland.

After a short search by the police, Rowland’s body was discovered in an off-campus church in downtown Salt Lake City.

The University of Utah Police Lieutenant Brian Wahlin issued a statement saying that McCluskey and Rowland seem to have an argument around 9 pm on Monday night. Her body was discovered shortly before 10 am, Rowland was spotted on campus around 1 am and a police chase discovered her body soon after that. However, by 1.47 pm an alert was sent to students at the University of Utah stating that there is “no longer a threat.”

“Lauren was informed by a friend about her criminal background, and she ended the relationship with her murderer on October 9, 2018,” the statement read. “She blocked her and her friends’ phone numbers and complained to the University of Utah to police that she was being harassed.”

He is also of the opinion that Rowland lied about Lauren’s name and age, according to the family’s statement.

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According to Fox News, McCluskey was a track and field athlete who specialized in communication. She would have completed the course in 2019.

Athletics Director Mark Harlan said that counselors and psychologists were available on campus for those who needed their services.