YouTube Down: YouTube hit by global outage

YouTube in the road. Since about 18:00 this Tuesday in California the site of Google is a victim of a failure that seems global. In France, Japan and the United States, in particular, the home page displays gray thumbnails that disappear, a DIY handyman intervenes on the channels and videos do not launch, with the following error message: “A error occurred. Thank you for trying later. ”


After an hour of failure, Google had not yet reacted officially. We do not know if it is a problem on the servers or a malicious act. For a site that handles such a large traffic (the planet spends a billion hours a day on YouTube), outages are rather rare. Obviously, netizens turned to Twitter to cry.


It’s pretty rare to see youtube unavailable and hundreds of thousands of people can no longer watch videos of kittens and falling people. Suffice to say that it’s panic! Fortunately it should not last long, technicians at youtube are probably already on the spot and should therefore have more information on the causes of the failure in the day.

Moreover, Youtube has just reported that they were aware of the problem and that all the services of youtube were affected, youtube music and youtube tv included:


A few days ago it was the social network of Google, Google +, which was in the spotlight for a security breach. Google then reacted a little in panic by announcing the outright removal of its social network. Does this have anything to do with YouTube being inaccessible today? Hard to say, it will be necessary to wait for the explanations of Google.

You can also check that this type of problem does not come only from home thanks to downdetector services that allow anyone to report a problem and as you can see on this chart below quite a lot of people reported that Youtube was unavailable to them:

youtube down